Tuesday, September 4, 2012

555 Characters--- David Sneed

 David Sneed:  Feat, Sweet D
Owner of the local watering hole, the Public House (http://www.knoxpublichouse.com/),
Computer Wiz, Property Owner
 I call it the beach cruiser, but it may end up a bit faster than that.  He may have the wildest design that will be hitting the road.  The tiny gas tank will be mounted under the top bent backbone.

These are duplicate photos, I know, but these are all I have of Feat and his build.  Because, after a few nights of building in Mikey's garage, he disappeared and hasn't been seen since.  However, I've been hearing word of an extreme sissy bar and a running bike...another one hits the road.
 The idea of trying to explain ourselves across the country is a something I like to ignore.   We will need tasers for all the zombies these will attract.