Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Collective Photo Blog

New Site Saves the Day!!!!

In the heat of the last days of preparation, we scramble to fit in the last of the builds, test ride our bikes, repair the unforeseen, button up work and personal lives, and pack our gear.  Its a lot to do to hit the road on hand-built machines for 2 weeks, for some 2 months.  So, I personally will have an impossible time keeping up the blog while on the road since I will be the one on the road for 2 months.  I would like to continue this project later and fill in the gap of this great story; but till then, the show will go on.

We have created a tumblr photo site where we can all dump pictures straight onto it.  It will have no rhyme or reason and will be from all of us.  So this is a great chance to see this event not just from me, but from the eyes of everyone (who has smart phones).  So follow along with us as we hit the road, for it will be the victory lap of chopping race.  We all win.

I will continue to update this site till we take off, and then once I've returned.  Thanks for following.