Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Barillaros -- Keepers of Hot Rod History

" The Runt" -- The Shop Truck
The Barillaro Speed Emporium
Mikey and Jimmy are two little italians from the northeast.  In no way do they lack muscle or the strength of bending metal on a daily basis, but I mean small enough to build machines that no one else can drive.  They did all of the work on this truck.  You can check out more great pics on their site.  They chopped 4in out of the top and bottom of "the Runt", the Emporium's shop truck.  I'm 6ft tall and its all I can do to fit in the passenger's seat.  Their bikes are the same way.
 I highly regret not having any photos of their dad, Jim Barillaro. He and his shop hold hot rod history and keeps it alive.  I needed a few specially cut pieces and got to go out for a visit.  I was not ready for the realities to the stories I'd heard. 

It is hotrod heaven, created by the hands of a man that stood like an older version of my friends, smiling and telling funny stories that I can only imagine in black and white.  Photos hung on the wall of a past only remembered in the garages and on the race track as I stood surrounded by drag racers, and an old Model A that was his high school car.  Jim was one of the first to build what became known as the "funny car".  He still had his original "Comet" in the trailer out back which he hadn't unloaded from a recent race.
 These are some of his other projects, both for clients or himself. 

 He built this..the engine...he built it.
 The Model A

 Mikey and Jimmy grew up differently than most kids.  Their dad had a car with a parachute for brakes.

 Another funny car

This the crazy machine that cut my 1" metal that became my triple tree and my fork bananas.  This thing can cut through 6" of metal.