Tuesday, September 4, 2012

555 Characters -- Jimmy Barillaro

Jimmy Barillaro:  "Jimmy B" as of now.  More nicknames to come.
Co-Owner of the Barillaro Speed Emporium
Jimmy and his brother Mikey run the local hot rod shop and have been very helpful in opening their shop to the use of some derelict bikers trying to bend metal in the middle of the night so they can get a step closer to hitting the road on some homemade machines.  Their knowledge is extensive and ever-helpful.
 Jimmy has a beautiful family of wife and daughter that visited one night and cooked us food as we chopped one night.  We could not have been more greatful for that gesture.  (Sorry you're blurry Olivia.)

The fam...and Pete
Starting with this CB350, he has transformed his ride into a fun scoot.  Jimmy's excited to hit the road.
 Since tires don't count in the price, he started off strong.

He grabbed the tank from Pete's trophy bike and created the look of his own.

 Being a third generation welder, its interesting that his entire back end is a bolt-together.

He was pumped after building the handlebars, cause the first ones weren't doing it for him.