Monday, December 20, 2010

Anxiously awaiting a journey that has for so long been so far away.  It creeps now closer, but it sems to be on a treadmill teasing us with its promise of freedom.  The illusive "it" throws blocks of holiday chaos, closures, and expenses.  It teases us with romantic daydreams of love longed for yet just out of reach.  Love and movement blocked by the handcuffs of time and commitment to something invisible.  This invisible pull is the unnamed riddle that shows itself as a blurry black and white picture waiting to be colored by experience.  Let us not be fooled by nievity of the hardships to come.  Let us not be distracted by our excitement or the impatience of the tedious details.  This trip is to explore the relaxation and adventure of our spirit unwrapped-- may it start now.


This is a  perfect time to backtrack and give thanks to Curtis and Bill at Eurogeek Motorsports in Flagstaff, AZ for their support while I was at the Grand Canyon.  Curtis's welding skills as a sculptor came in handy as he modified a found BMW luggage rack and worked it to fit my 250.  Its always a comfort within the madness to have someone think that what you're attempting is possible, even kind-of cool.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

...with a little help from my friends

one lunch box, and a one gallon jerry can 
We have some of the coolest and nicest friends any one could ask for .

Ever since we decided to take this trip our friends have all been there for anything we have needed .  Our machines seem old , worn , and hopeless . But the crew has been there to help us cheaply get it together .
This is mikey barillaro late in the eve at the Barillaro speed emporium working on welding up my luggage rack . We cut up an old gate that a customer had lying behind his barn and reused the metal tubing to build this monstrosity . It looks as if you could probably tote a whole Guatemalan family on this thing . We may have to cut it down a bit .

....not a lot of hondas here


Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The current status: 
Stand still.  

T-minus: 18 days!! 
Its snowing., 12 degrees (3 pm).   
Still no parts.  Have beer and too many friends to count.  projects, secret missions, and a to-do list the size of my leg.  This way and that, Christmas fast approaching.  Mike will be heading out of town to the great white north to check the incoming weather for our January 2nd departure.  Please Santa, send scarves, socks and money.       

I guess it's time to actually get serious about getting the bikes ready .

Situation:  Neither bikes run.

Step 1:  Tear down.
Step 2: Drink beer
Step 3: Assess... Both blown up, Mike's especially.
Step 4   order parts, wait.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

The rolling hills of pennsylvania

Getting to the mountain top is only half way . The trip was from knoxville to the east to Charlotte  nc then north on the blue ridge parkway and then high hopes to see my family in western pa .
I made it home but thats when the problems began .
I was chasing my tail with a bunch of different mechanical thoughts on what my engine miss was . It would fall on it's face in the midrange and could barely  get out of it's own way . terrible gas mileage and back firing like crazy .   I changed , repaired , and adjusted everything i could possibly think to do . And everytime i thought i had it , i didn't .

I had to be back to work so i set off back to tenn. with a terrible running machine . I took two days but 1600 miles later  i made it home and parked the bike . and does what every good mechanic does when they can't figure out the problem ....... let it sit for a couple of months!
the machine .. a 74 honda xl 350 . I acquired this machine from my younger brother who paid a whopping 200 dollars for it . It may not be the most ideal machine for long distance travel for most but i think it will be absolutly perfect .
1 it's light
2 it has no computer systems
3 good gas mileage
4 it"s a honda
5 It was FREE 

The shake down run .

Heading out with the sun rise through east Tennessee .