Sunday, December 12, 2010

The rolling hills of pennsylvania

Getting to the mountain top is only half way . The trip was from knoxville to the east to Charlotte  nc then north on the blue ridge parkway and then high hopes to see my family in western pa .
I made it home but thats when the problems began .
I was chasing my tail with a bunch of different mechanical thoughts on what my engine miss was . It would fall on it's face in the midrange and could barely  get out of it's own way . terrible gas mileage and back firing like crazy .   I changed , repaired , and adjusted everything i could possibly think to do . And everytime i thought i had it , i didn't .

I had to be back to work so i set off back to tenn. with a terrible running machine . I took two days but 1600 miles later  i made it home and parked the bike . and does what every good mechanic does when they can't figure out the problem ....... let it sit for a couple of months!