Monday, March 28, 2011

Thats what you get for @%$&ing with junk
A tear still comes to our eyes when we think of our beloved San Pedro de Atitlan.
We were invited to a family dinner of our Spanish teacher. They taught us to make a Pollo Asado. You roast all kinds of things, blend them up, and cook them into a spicy sauce with chicken and serve with rice and tortillas.  We ended up returning to cook them our deep dish, iron skillet pizza.  It was the first time his wife had eaten pizza. 
Victory Cigars, thanks GWAR!!
Always a great find in the room (that´s a liter bottle of beer).
Hmm, no engine?
After 5 weeks in San Pedro, its time to pack up. Mike´s Stuff.
Tank´s stuff
Anna made a return in her round about trip of circles.
Leaving is always an interesting endevour.  Mike´s scoot wouldn´t scoot. I don´t think the bikes wanted to leave either.
Michael from Poland
The Gloryland--San Pedro
We mounted up with David and Jill and ascended out of the lake and into the mountains for a taste of the outside world. Off to Semuc Champey.
It wasn´t an easy road.  Refer back to Mike´s bike broken in half.  There were a few bumps.
Chappy´s hardcore side.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Stuck in Guatemala

Hola Amigos,
We are actually alive and well.  More to come, the computer time has turned into red tape hell.  We made it to the Carribean coast and the Honduran border before getting turned around because I don´t have a title for my bike.  Thanks government of Tennessee, try the Pony Express next time, it might work.  Now my title is with my passport that never showed up that one time.  Happy important document farm in the sky??  So, we´re stuck in Guatemala for now. I could think of worse situations to be in.
Also, Red River Bill is in Dallas.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Red River Update...

Crack Crack Crack...  the biggest of the hurdles has been conquered!  Our Australian teammate has been given a title and registration for his new XL350!!  I´m from Knoxville and I had a hard time getting one.  Charm must go a long way.  He now has a great bike, the legitimate paperwork, our extra needed parts, and a mission.  Godspeed amigo to the Mosquito Coast.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Some of Our Friends

Study sessions at the coffee shop with Jill and Leah.
This is Xavier, one of the spanish teachers at our school--Flor de Maiz.  Everyday there are activities planned to further the education.  This is on a walk he and I took around town and into places that otherwise, I wouldn´t have entered.  We had a nice dinner at his house the other night that was cooked over the kitchen fire.  It was made in a handmade, fire roasted tomato sauce.  This turned out to be graduation night for Mike and I when upon entering the dive of dive bars for beers to go, we found our teacher and his boys that had just finished playing a soccer match and were on fire.  There were 2 tiny tables and a refrigerator of beer cramped under a low ceiling, that was it.  By the end of the night we had filled the table with empty liters, made good friends, and realized that we can hold our own when it counts with this language.
The Crew at Hotel Peneleu. 
Its a blessed existence when one can eat as much avocado as possible without spending a fortune.  Recently I was extemely fortunate and found 8 avos for Q3 = .45 cents!  Even without the good luck, they´re cheap.  My diet now has become mostly raw, or rather mostly quacamole, anything else is an extra.  Wrap it up or stick some chips in it.  Moral of the story:  Life is blessed when you stick your face into as much avocado as you like!
Catching a ferry back over to Santiago´s market for the day, we fell into a nice time as we chatted with the locals that got interested in our spanish flashcards.  Speaking the language, even if just a little, opens up a whole world of entertainment and smiles.

Red River Update...

Ol´ Red River has made it to Knoxville and found a 1974 Honda XL350.  The whiskey has been flowing and that´s all we know.  the band might just be getting back together.

Safe Travels

This one is for Nanny, the best grandma someone could hope for, Sweet and Sassy.