Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A little story of Lake Atitlan.
The Indian Nose

All of it in one stack.
Inside the stack is the machete and his axe.
This mountain is "preserved", but a lot of the wood comes from these hills.  Coffee and corn are also grown, and avocados are gathered.  The locals carry huge amounts of resources long distances, most are in sandals or bare feet.  We stopped to chat with this guy as we watched him create the stack which he´ll carry with the forehead strap all the way down the mountain and to his house--the stack will last about 3 days. 
Part way up on Mike, Anna, and I´s hike to the top of the volcano San Pedro, the view opens up.
This is a very normal thing to see.  Most of the kitchens are wood stoves that require a constant stack of wood.  The way the Guatemalans carry things is by a strap around their forehead.  The women carry everything on top of their head, whether is a notebook or an entire load of laundry.
more rooftop sessions
After a nice scramble, Anna and I found a solitary spot to swim.
One of Mike´s many talents is picking locks, another talent is teaching.
Anna, our rock´n roll bicycle friend has reunited with us after almost a year.
Our friend Anna and Bill.  Bill´s an Adventure Rider connection that finally made it down here after a heroic push through a list of unlucky events.