Monday, March 28, 2011

A tear still comes to our eyes when we think of our beloved San Pedro de Atitlan.
We were invited to a family dinner of our Spanish teacher. They taught us to make a Pollo Asado. You roast all kinds of things, blend them up, and cook them into a spicy sauce with chicken and serve with rice and tortillas.  We ended up returning to cook them our deep dish, iron skillet pizza.  It was the first time his wife had eaten pizza. 
Victory Cigars, thanks GWAR!!
Always a great find in the room (that´s a liter bottle of beer).
Hmm, no engine?
After 5 weeks in San Pedro, its time to pack up. Mike´s Stuff.
Tank´s stuff
Anna made a return in her round about trip of circles.
Leaving is always an interesting endevour.  Mike´s scoot wouldn´t scoot. I don´t think the bikes wanted to leave either.
Michael from Poland
The Gloryland--San Pedro
We mounted up with David and Jill and ascended out of the lake and into the mountains for a taste of the outside world. Off to Semuc Champey.
It wasn´t an easy road.  Refer back to Mike´s bike broken in half.  There were a few bumps.
Chappy´s hardcore side.