Monday, December 20, 2010

Anxiously awaiting a journey that has for so long been so far away.  It creeps now closer, but it sems to be on a treadmill teasing us with its promise of freedom.  The illusive "it" throws blocks of holiday chaos, closures, and expenses.  It teases us with romantic daydreams of love longed for yet just out of reach.  Love and movement blocked by the handcuffs of time and commitment to something invisible.  This invisible pull is the unnamed riddle that shows itself as a blurry black and white picture waiting to be colored by experience.  Let us not be fooled by nievity of the hardships to come.  Let us not be distracted by our excitement or the impatience of the tedious details.  This trip is to explore the relaxation and adventure of our spirit unwrapped-- may it start now.