Saturday, January 1, 2011

Springs and Things

You know that whole "18 days and counting" thing?  Well, we were just joking.  Its the first day of the new year and that would put us at leaving tomorrow.  This is what our bikes look like today.  BUT, they could theoretically be running today!  We'll see if the the devil will pop out to stomp on our efforts.  One engine at a time, we attempt to reassemble all the tiny pieces into their extemely specific homes.  Washers, gaskets, o-rings, nuts, bolts, springs, and so many other things.  These machines are the culmination of so many minds collectively evolving so that we can hit the road.  Its coming.  Once these things are running, we have to break them in and finish gathering our gear, documents, last minute things...and then throw away the half that won't fit.  Then the road is ours. 
3 guys, 1carburator
Success!!!!!  Mike's bike cranked and sounded like a humble champion.  But the devil was not far behind.  Oil was not being fed up to the top end which could blow the newly rebuilt engine.  Will a simple call to an authority in XL's, we found that a tach drive, a small gear, that Mike was advised to leave out for weight was the missing link in feeding the oil up. This is a simple fix and a great relief.    -tank
Dave, the XL Authority. 
Think she'll hold?