Friday, September 7, 2012


 So now the characters have been introduced, minus a couple who will be flying in a couple days before the ride.  They will go from the plane to the garage cause their bikes will have to get running and hard-tailed before the ride.  This ain't easy street...

...unless you're the Outlaw who has a girl that brings him beer and snacks to the shop in fancy dresses.  This night, Brigid just got finished with a fashion show where her handmade clothing designs made from recycled rubber and leather were exhibited on the runway (


Mike got his bike on the road to find a lot of issues, but damn its a cool machine.
 Tinkerin Tom fine tuning a well running machine.

 Bike night and the Time Warp Tea Room is the opposite of the drunken ride to Hooters.  This is a coffee shop and headquarters of motorcycle history and events of racing, trials, street, and you name it.  Its the home of the Time Warp Vintage Motorcycle Club.  Every Tuesday the street is lined with classy machines and a community knowledge and history base uncommon to most towns (

 As the guys get antsy to get their bikes onto the blacktop, a good test run was to the bike night.  But one has to be mentally prepared to meet the scrutiny of many motorheads.  It caused quite the stir.  Then, to add to the fun, Mikey rolled up with his his Drag Queen.

 After all that Mike went through at the Time Warp picking session, only he knew that it was a test run, and the finishing touches were yet to come.  The rat rods are disappearing under some classy paint jobs.

 So now, the work is coming together for many, yet falling back apart for others.  Some are just still plugging away.  Above are a couple versions of my wiring diagram that I have been trying to wrap my head around, then stuff into a little box.

 I wish I had more photos of the others whom are continuing their progress in Mikey's garage.  I have been pulling long nights at the Cycle Stop with Mike in his corner, I in mine, and Slim pacing between us constantly asking if we're done yet so we can go ride.

 Mike figured out that after buttoning his up and putting on a crisp paint job, he had to split the cases of the bottom end of the engine and replace and machine some things.  Needless to say, there are some dark moments in the life of this project.

 Nothing like thinking you're done.

I finally got mine together, so now its time to paint, which means its time to yard sale.
 Slim is so ready to go, he's already packed...literally.