Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Friday Art Walk -- Choppers

Only days to go, 5 in fact. Sweet Cindy Lou opened up her Chop Shop Salon for us to roll as many bikes as could fit into her space in to present the bikes to the city of Knoxville. The late ones had to park theirs out on the sidewalk, and Slim of course cause his bike is so big.   Friends and family came to see why we had disappeared for the last 5 weeks and to where all our effort and energy has been going. Most still had to truck them in, for there is still plenty of work to do. But there they sat in their not so rusty glory. These machines are as antsy to hit the long road as we are. 
(above: Mikey's Drag Queen)
  Pistol Pete
 Dave Walker
 D. Sneed

 After the show, we hauled the bikes back to the shop and kept working into the night.   Its amazing what can get done in the wee hours of the morning.

 The god of machines, Slim, doctoring my scoot.  He synced the carburators with flitting gauges and tiny twists of a special screwdriver.  It was like watching a master play the piano.

 Who the Hell is the Headless Kansas City Dave Walker takes off from the shop after another late night twisting wrenches, drinking beer, and telling lies.

Though this shot is a blur, so was the night, for at this moment it was 4am.  Looking carefully, you can just make out the grin on Slim's face as my bike finally came together and is ready to ride, new pipes and all.