Friday, August 31, 2012

555 Characters -- The Silver Fox

 Tom:  the Silver Fox
Jazz Musician, Propery Owner, Beer Brewer
The Silver Fox is a quiet, soft-spoken friend that has only been into bikes for the last several years.  He has class in anything he does, from music to machines, and even into picking paint colors for your house.  
 His bike was the first to see the saw.  Most of the gang gathered round to witness and partake in the very first chop.  All curious how it would go, we fumbled around till we got the hang of it.  His bike was the beginning, and since then pieces have been flying off bikes like someone thrashing through a sock drawer.

 It usually has to get worse before it gets better.  Like I said, it was the first one.


 "Right here dumb dumb", says lady encouragement.

Getting the wheels in a straight line is WAY harder than one may think.
 Hard tailed

 Now he's a biker.

 After that night he disappeared for a long time.  When he came back, he was riding this.


 He used a cut-up tractor seat.
(We will all be ciphoning out of his huge gas tank when he's sleeping...shhh.)