Sunday, August 26, 2012

555 Characters -- Slim

 Tim Miles: Slim, the Big Fella
Master Mechanic and owner of Cycle Stop
If you've ever wondered about the sticker reading "God Hates Tim," here he is, and the tides are turning, for it seems God is finally loosening up and smiling down on the big fella.  His bike started on the second kick.
This is the friend that escorted Mike and I to Texas on our trip to South America.  It took us 2 weeks to get that far.  He left one morning when snow lay upon the ground and it was 4 degrees outside.  He made it home in 12 hours.
 This is the one he started with for this year's project.  He was one of the 2 that finished the last 555 trip to Oregon in sidecars stating on a snowy pass in Colorado that, "if we don't make it, then all we did was go for a ride."

He chopped it, and in a matter of a few days, he had it on the road.  This shows a bit about the personality of Slim.  He gets things done as soon as the idea sets itself into his mind.  Now he fiddles with silly things on his ride until the rest of us can catch up so we can ride around with him.  He's chomping at the bit for someone to finish.  He completed his bike weeks ago.  I still have no handlebars.

 That's right, this mean machine is a whopping 356cc's. 

 Most of us, whose bikes will be scraping the dirt, could probably park our bikes under his.


This man is a serious asset to the team, and not to be messed with.