Saturday, August 4, 2012

555 -- Rags to Riches -- Right Now, 2012

Welcome to the 555  --  2012.

 Knoxville, Tennessee to Portland, Maine

September 13, 2012

There is more to the 555 story than the first ride.  There was a second version when the Portland crew used the same theme and rode to Knoxville; and then a third when the Knoxville guys used the same rules, included sidecars, and rode back to Portland.  But, there's time for all that.  What there is not too much time for now is this year's build, for the date is rapidly approaching.  We have a little over a month to make this happen, and the wrenches are twisting and the torches are burning.  Some have barely started.

For example...

1974 Honda CB360    $200    --   Before...
Slim is a man that gets things done, and gets them done fast.  Once he set his mind to it, he closed his shop and started chopping.  Three days later, he came out riding.  A little late came the spray paint.
1971 Honda CB500   $100   ---   Before...
... Chopper After.
Tank, the last to start, now has a roller, as in, it's hard-tailed and tack welded.  It only rolls around.  the wind could blow and this thing would fall over right now.  So, you get the idea.  We are on our way. 
There are some incredible machines coming to life right now as we work late into the nights to create this year's 555.