Tuesday, June 21, 2011

REUNION -- Medellin, Colombia

Finally pulling myself from the romantic city of Cartagena, I arrived in Medellin after a couple days ride.  Having only a slight idea what Mike was going through, I really had no way of knowing when, if ever, I was ever to see him again.  I found my way into the hectic center of this city of 2 million.

If only I had had my camera working, for upon this balcony, I had a feeling Mike was arriving, and sure enough, he rounded the corner...with a police escort.  Completely covered with mud, and half crazed from getting hastled by police that went from lost in translation to a personal escort, Mike made it to my hotel.  We had a fun time watching the maddness of the consistant traffic and the insanity of the thousands of motorcycles that wedge their way through the chaotic driving.  Somehow, the Colombians have figured out how to turn 3 lanes into 8.


I still havent figured out how 2 girls on bicycles can be on our same schedule, but its nice to keep running into Megs and Jules.  This led to an empty bottle of Medellin Rum and Im sure a nice stumble home for the girls.

Jacob McCown.  This brother is a Marine that got home from Afganistan, flew to Chile, hitchhiked, caught a hostel bus that someone was chartering out, and then bought a moto in Argentina.  He rode for the first time in the traffic of Buenos Aires and is on his way home to Florida.  That a boy, thanks, and GO VOLS!

Enter Sebastian---  Flashback...San Cristobal, Mexico.  Rooftop beers with Jim Justice poetry and endless stories with Eduardo, the Colombian with the perfect Australian accent.  He said we should visit his dad in Medellin, the city that we had never heard of.  Once here, we looked him back up.---  Enter Sebastian, his 19 year old cousin, quite possibly the nicest guy on the planet.  He and Mike are holding bone marrow molassis marshmellows, mmm mmm good.

The MetroCable above Medellin

Sebastian is studying mechanical engineering and took a lot of time to show us around.