Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hasta Luego Medellin

Last steps in Colombia, to the airport, and his first flight in 10 years.
Scrubbing his gear and himself clean. This is just about the only way, in the shower.

Off to visit another uncle and his sawmill.

And yet another uncle that has a work space within the mill where he makes specialized wooden pieces like puzzles and sculptures.

He let us play and make a bunch of animals.

His girafe.

Around the corner, another set of family runs TCC, Colombias version of the United States UPS.  They had just bought brand new trucks and we got to sit in them.

Sebastians sweet mamma, and her amazing food.  They let us smelly guys in to stay.  Even Manuela, the 17 year old daughter, bought us candy.  Shes studying industrial engineering.

Sebastians dad, is an incredible artist.  These drawings are from his imagination and are far more detailed than this photo can show.  Every piece of art in the house is from someone in the family and most of the furnitureis too.  Meeting this family was great experience.

Thats Mikes saddle bags if you are wondering.  He carried those on his bike and I had Mike on mine to get to the airport on Mikes worst day of the trip, leaving.

If you ever wonder how people on bikes get up big hills, this is how.