Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Off to the Country

After a bit of hanging out we decided to go visit an uncle, the dad of Eduardo.  Let me explain the extent of this family.  Their are something like 14 uncles, 3 aunts, and 50 cousins.  It seemed like we met most of them, but I dont think so.  We rode for hours to get to ¨The Farm¨... 

...through landscape like this.

Along the way, we stopped to visit another uncle.  He had a little restaurant with a wood shop in the back.

We were not prepare for the amount of skill that this family has.  We saw $10,000 pieces of lumber sitting in heaps.  He did not waste them.

He made chorizo, but also the grill and its design himself.

We call him Tio (uncle)

We got to the farm began to realize what we had gotten ourselves into.  Mike, the parrot whisperer.

One side of the view from the front yard.

They grow cardomom

One of the houses.

The day after arriving, we met Eduardos dad, Horacio, a strong, determined, adventurous man.  He wisked us off to another beautiful town called, Jerico.

He wore a pancho that acted as a cape as he blasted through the mountians and over the pass on his old Vespa.


Nissan know how to play too.

They wouldnt let us pay for anything.

Oh, the other part is a horse farm!

Horacio designed and made this board sander.

They mounted us up on 2 mules and a horse and sent us off into the hills of their farm.


...and up...

...and up.

Juan Valdez without his sombrero.

The horse farm.

Another view of the horse farm.

By far the best ride Mike or I have ever done.  We crossed creeks, steep downhills and just as steep jungely uphills.

Look good, thats about the only time you will ever see this.

This is the other side of the front yard vista.  This water came from the mountains behind the house.