Monday, June 6, 2011

It wasn´t easy to leave Cartagena, I slid into this place a little too easily.

On the road south from Cartagena, we passed our ladies and had a nice cold drink on the side of the road.  We then all continues towards Mompos. 

Mike and I found what we could, and all too often, they are the ¨Push Buttons¨ or Auto Hotels.  These are pay-by-the-hour, or if you are persistant, you can get them for the night.  They are cheaper than the regular hotels that never seem to exist.  And yes, this is a mirror on the ceiling.  And yes,the one channel on the TV was porn.  And no to any other questions you might have.
Cartagena had put on such an amazing show for me (tank), that I felt bad leaving so soon, like there was something left behind.  In the morning, with a flip of the coin, I made my decision, and in pulling out, with a wave and a u-turn, for the first time in 5 straight months, Mike and I split up.  I returned to Cartagena, and he continued to Mompos with the camera.  These are his muddy adventures...
On the map, it is clear that the region of Mompos is swampy, but with the abnormal amounts of rain in Colombia this year, its significantly more than swampy.

Almost verything in this region is flooded, pasture lands are covered along with many roads, and often times, the houses are under water to the point of forcing entire villages to live on the soggy street.  though in different areas, both of us saw this, yet neither of us could bring ourselves to take a picture.

The first step out of the door in the morning.

Too often, people are living in black plastic homes on the side of the roads.


The main road.  This years flooding has even the locals confused as to where to go.  Its a very good thing mike made it out, or I would have never been able to find him.  This way and that, on a road, mud trail, or in a boat, no amout of GPS (that we dont have) or directions could navigate someone through this natural disaster.

The front end is hanging out over the bow of this little boat as the captain tries to negotiate the lillypads and figure out how to get to shore.

Glory be, a real road.