Saturday, January 14, 2012

On the Road Again, Finally

After almost a month in Medellin, we finally got our papers, the documents that give us permission to ride motorcycles through Colombia.  The problem was that our originals expired when we returned to Tennessee, and there is absolutely nothing that the government can do to fix it.  So we did.
We finally got ourselves ready to go, and Mike got food poisoning and puked all night.  We stayed another day.

Eventually, we pulled the throttle.

We rode 3 hours south to the Correa's farm for goodbyes.  Mike was in rough shape, and come to find out in our first run, so were our bikes.

It was refreshing to feel the wind in our faces after so long.

We arrived at one of their farms and found no one there, so we made a beer run to a town over the mountain to see if, by chance, we could run into an old friend.  

No luck finding Horacio, but we didn't hesitate to enjoy some of the last tintos  (Colombian coffees).

We finally found the family relaxing outside drinking Aguadiente while dinner was being prepared.

The cool breeze blew and brought in the rain.  Candles lit the evening laughter.

Eduardo.  We met each other in San Cristobal, Mexico and had an instant connection.  His perfect spanish and australian accent caught us off guard as we told stories on the rooftop.  He said we should meet his dad in Medellin, a place of which we'd never heard.  He is the seed that grew into our wonderful Colombian experience.  We were lucky he happened to be in town from Australia.

Eduardo and his dad, Horacio


Ignacio, Nachito

The night turned into late night conversations on love, travel, chances, and old times passed while the rain poured.

Hollowing out bamboo.

Cocoa Plants = Chocolate

The cocoa fruit.

One of the best parts of this fruit is the fuzzy white covering of the  seeds that are used to make chocolate.

Christmas Eve.  The three of us left the farm, cut our engines and coasted down the mountain in windy silence till we hit the river. We parted ways, and Mike and I hit the southern road.