Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The EQUATOR : 10,000 Mile Review

After ALL that we've been through, its a stunning realization that...we're only half way.

Tennessee to the Equator -- Tennessee, USA to Ecuador, South America

10,000 Mile Checkup

The amount of...

Tires Changed                                     3
Flat tires                                             0
Lost passports                                    0
Times lost                                           Never found.  No GPS and a broken compass
Holidays in the ditch                           4
Spark plugs                                        5
Robbed by the police                         1
Border crossings                                11 (not including flying back and forth from the states to Colombia)
Explosive poops                                 5
Beers drank                                        1,223 (Mike passed out early one night)
Dogs run over                                     1
Plates of rice and beans                      about 3 a day
Documents forged                               2 (busted  0)
The police did not believe our registrations were real ... refer to number of border crossings
Haircuts at whore houses                    1  (we can exlain that)
Mike and I got into a fight                   not once
Almost died                                        never
Drove after dark with no lights                        never mom
Pushed our bikes through dark tunnels            only once
Ran out of gas                                                1
Left each other                                               2
Gave passports to someone shadey                1
Dropped bikes and laughed                            10
Gotten petrol in our eyes                                 0
Eddie Murphy on TV                                     every time
Welding shop visits                                         35
Put bikes in a back of truck/tailer                   0
Times on a boat/dingy                                     8
Engines out of bikes and apart                        5
Nadine cheated on Mike                                daily   ;)
Broken down in the rain with bad electrics      everytime it rains
Pinstriped another car                                    3
Mike wished a rat hadn't eaten half his seat     everyday since before leaving
A mouse lived in Mike's seat                          2 countries
Oil changes                                                   2
The frame broke                                          10 at least
Speed bumps                                               7,622
Passed by bicycles                                       6 times, that we know of
Tank drove a boat                                        1
The phrase "Living the Dream" got us into trouble                         1 huge time (thanks David)
The armada (big touring bikes) wanted to trade with our bikes      always
Friends visited                                                                             1 is on his way
Time on the road and money spent for the both of us                   still wouldn't buy a new BMW GS
Things accomplished                                                                   0