Sunday, September 4, 2011

Around the House

Cristian, Tais, Anai, and Mariana: my family just next door.  Its nice having someone around, especially when they strike up a fire and start cooking. 

Out of 2 and 1/2 months and 12-14hr days, I've had a total of 4 days off, and those were all together a month and a half ago.  Completely burnt out and ready to take the bike for some days blazing around some places that’s been on my mind, the ol’ girl fell out.  I kicked to start it and SNAP.  Worse than the time the kicker broke completely off in the pouring rain in the middle of nowhere; this time, the break came from deep within.  The kicker became floppy and caught nothing to make the engine turn over.  With a brother down, I was stuck in Quito. 
Luckily, I had the right tool.

This is the problem, located at the very bottom.  I wonder if I really need this.  If I take it out, it can't cause anymore problems right??  I did in fact get to the VERY bottom of it and got it fixed up.  Now she runs like a dream.  I’m still impressed we’ve made it this far and she doesn’t even seem tired. 

Late night dirty bar, booze spilling, yelling, betting, and throwing all emotion into a brutal gladiatorial riot, I’ve slipped into a murky underworld—the cock fights.  An electric buzz started days before, excitement was in the air and whispers floated on the wind.  Cars line the block and the people file in.  The scale hangs from the ceiling and groups huddle together to tape 2 inch spikes onto the feet of the chickens.  A long table is the center of attention before the fights where the cocks are presented for the gambling to begin.  The referee steps in, followed the owners with their fighters.  The punching of knuckles takes the form of lunging their faces into each other before they throw them into the fight.  You might can imagine how much I stand out. 

Pacifico.  This is a picture out of a book, CHAGRAS, by Pete Oxford and Renee Bish.  He lives just down the street and is a highly skilled leather craftsman.  He puts his touch on almost everyone's leather around here.  My pictures of him were stolen with my camera.  He made me a belt and a pair of chaps. I love sitting around watching him work.  This craft is something I think I would highly enjoy, given the fact that every time I'm in his tiny shop, sitting on a tiny chair, I stare at every move his skilled hands make.
These are Pacifico’s kids.   This is a picture from a major photo shoot we had.  My serious face broke rather quickly in this one.

Nosey horse.

Windy, dusty, and cold -- brother has to wrap up.

BOO!! This is sweet Guapa.  She's my girl.  I can't believe the timing of this picture.  She was sitting tranquilly and as I was snapping the pic, a dog walked up right behind me, and she was sassing it.  She scared me half to death, and then the picture did the same later.