Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trod On

Making up for a skipped breakfast, I have just lapped up a mountain of potatoes, beans, rice, and sausage.  Rinsing it down with a couple cups of coffee, I relax and prepare mentally for the next half of the day.

Perhaps the idea of working hard, consistently, requires the trick of never slacking.  I mean not letting up if at all possible.  Take breaks and days off to keep your life and the life of your work, but consistency.  Once you slack, you might get accustomed to it and get behind, giving yourself the permission to do so next time.  As you fall behind, that gravity adds weight to your shoulders, your mind, and your work becomes heavy, overwhelming, and possibly too much to bear. 

This may happen naturally, in spite of your efforts; but, such is the nature of this life, change, inconsistency – chaos.  We secretly would have it no other way.  Persistence, little by little, poco a poco, climb your mountain step by step.  Keep yourself strong along the way.  Good food, water, rest, exercise, and mind stretches of any sort.  Take what you need, make what you want.  Organize yourself.  Many things can be simple, as opposed to complicated, but it may not be easy.  Work to eliminate your own confusion and your internal bickering.  Breakdown the problem in front of you, think, and attack, step by step – most powerful moves first, most important things first.  Possibly do the most difficult ones first; thus, as you tire, the tasks get easier and lighter.  Push and solidify yourself into growth.  Make growth a pattern, a habit.  Entertain yourself, treat yourself, smile a lot, and make helping others part of your priority, even if it’s a simple wave.  We all need it.