Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Adventures in Rainbowland

CUY -- Guinea Pig, the Andean specialty.  Gross, I tried it after screeching to a hault to try it, and regreted this extremely expensive delicacy.
Using hand drawn maps, I run shuttles through ancient cultures, closed roads, no roads, creeks, hell and high water to reach these haciendas.
They're always good days.  Especially in Coptopaxi National Park.
Llamas and alpacas are common in these parts, yet they still surprise me every time.  I can't quite explain how their necks move.  The babies look like stuffed animals.
Cotopaxi, looming
Rainbows hover everywhere around here, literally laying around.
Out of all the ugly scenery, every once and a while you can find a treasure.
Cotopaxi, not always showing himself, lies in waiting to destroy a huge part of Ecuador. Its the 3rd tallest active volcano in the world.  A glacier sleeps on top of this almost 20,000ft active volcano.  It has an extremely violent eruption which is due at anytime.  When it goes it sends everything from ash, lava, and rocks to the kicker, a tidal wave of melted snow and glacier that can reach the ocean.
The Chagras