Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Shuttle from San Pedro to Semuc Champey takes 9hrs. It took us 3 days. This is a landslide like I´ve never seen. Almost the entire mountain had come down. Last year´s hurricane season took a toll. They were routing a road through the carnage.
Guatemala is filled with mountains and along the ride you are up and down and all over, but mostly up and over and along the ridgetops of beautiful, cool landscapes. Almost nothing is paved, and that which is, ain´t much to speak of.
After 3 days, we´re getting close.
Semuc Champey
The river cuts into the Limestone, disappearing underneath pockets of redeposited Limestone (Travertine), that builds up and creates pools from the waterfalls that slide down the hills. The river pops back out after the pools.
This is the river disappearing underground.
The river reappearing below the pools.
We had a nice campsite next to the river.
David and Jill stayed in the upper left. The palm roof was rather amazing. This was our shelter from the 3 days it rained.
Across the river, we took a cave tour by candle light.  Most of it was wading, swimming, and climbing on some ladders.  Supposedly, the cave goes for 10km. We got to a turn around point where the guide got me to climb about 10ft up and jump into a pool. That was not the most peaceful feeling I´ve had.