Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Breakfast of champions.  We´ve not lacked for great food.
 This lovely lady and  her seasoned hands make the tortillas, stuff them with glory, fold it over, and fry them into an empanada worth dying for.
The  mountains lure you toward the Guatemalan border.  The anticipation of reaching these heights is something else.  When you cross the border, you´re in. and not long after, you´re on top.

We entered into this town as the day was fading.  San Cristobal is over the high elevation mountain pass in the background.  After a shrug of the shoulders, we did what we said we wouldn´t do, we crossed the pass at night.  Here´s were I  add a little insight to the driving here.  There are no rules.  If you can pass, you do.  The biggest machine wins, and the lines mean nothing, and you never know what could be in the road, or if thet road is even there for that matter.  The shoulder is actually another lane.  So,  this all means that we and our little 6 volt headlights (a candle in the rain, mine points straight up)  climbed up and over this pass on the light of the other cars whizzing passed us.   However, here, we are never the slowest ones.  The high elevation did cause an extremely slow ride, which is good, cause we really couldn´t see anything.  We putted up and over to see a grand display  of city lights far below us.               
We finally stayed somewhere for 2 days, San Cristobal de las Casas.
You shouldn´t give the curves your all, cause ...
Tropical sun is not what we left in Tennessee.  This rooftop holds a special place for us.