Friday, February 4, 2011

  Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.   This was great ride to the town of San Pedro.  The down hill was a break- burning nightmare of fun.  For miles and miles, we passed anything from huge trucks making 3-point turns to get through switchbacks, to old men carrying huge bundles of wood on their back supported by a strap on their head, and everything in between.  You can coast for miles silently with the engine shut off. 

San Pedro is a maze of tiny alleyways that are filled with life.  One must watch out for the random moto or bicycle rounding the corners.
Yerba Mate
The lake is surrounded by volcanos.
Just so you know:    it exists, and its amazing- made in Mexico.   
Thank god for maps.
Bring it!
Its not often one can chance a side of the road shot, but sometime you must try.
Probably the most passed vehicle.  Its normal to be rounding a corner and find yourself up their tailpipe.  These make the XL´s feel like speeding demons.
So far, these are the kings of the road.  If you see them, get out of the way!  They will be humming around turns on two wheels blasting their horns.   Its not unusual to see these chicken buses passing someone uphill around a blind corner = agents of chaos.
At the market, it is all possible.  Stand back, you should have seen the way this lady used the meat cleaver!
Herald = magic. Never doubt.
Our afternoon siesta.
Taken from the rooftop patio of our hotel = $2.50 a night.
     The architecture is inviting, sometimes.