Sunday, November 25, 2012

555 -- The Trip (Part 3)

Disaster Strikes!
Nowhere, Virginia

With a challenge like the 555 that is in its essence designed to fail, sure enough, it did.  Kansas City's bike merely shut down to a quiet coast.  The riders in the front stopped at the Super Stop to wait.  This gas station was the only thing around for miles.  We felt lucky to find it, cause it was nowhere near anything.  A long time later the boys came riding up and KC's bike came in on a trailer of a friendly driver. 

Not the average roadside repair was in order.

This was a good time for Slappy to tear into his and use the part scavenged from the salvage yard.  So, 2 bikes down.

With KC's engine in pieces, we found a small issue.  One of the valves was bend into an "S", the other was just bent.

With many of us on the horn to find parts, help, hints, or any clue that can get us a little closer to getting back on the road, the first of the beer gets purchased from this small store.  Luckily, there is a tiny diner attached, and they like motorcycles.  A pavillion stands empty since the end of the season of bike night Friday's. 

This good man below stopped by with a serious look in his eye and a determination in his questioning.  He looked like a man that gets things done.  He pulled out a couple tools that Slappy needed and just gave them to him.  This power linesman then disappeared.  Shortly later, he reappeared and gave us a bag of dehydrated squid and a large jar of tastey moonshine.  He figured it would help...and it sure did.  After this show of road magic, we never saw him again.

Motorcycles like moonshine, but we like it better.