Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Quick Glance

 Returning back to Knoxville found us hiding from a society that we felt could crush us if we jumped in too quicly.  So we hid out at the Cycle Stop where there just happened to be some old Hondas in need of immediate repair.  Mike jumped at the chance to hide and make a little cash. 

 We trany-wrestled a hot rod, and I pulled my broken scoot into the shop for a total breakdown repair.  I needed wheels. 

Mike happy messing with broken stuff.
 For the first week back, Mike fixed bikes while I tore the engine out of mine.  This is my parts bike.  I forgot to take pics of the tear down, but it didn't look any different than this.

 But, after a lot of work and help from the guys, she is ready for the road.  A 1972 Honda CB350.
This is a gigantic gesture from Mike and my friend Dick Awkward.  When Mike returned from Colombia and I stayed in Ecuador for 3 months, Dick gave Mike this bike for me.  I did not know this either.  Mike came across a parts bike and started cutting and pasting.  By the time I got home, it needed just a little more work to get going.  It had been in rough shape.  With some late night drinks in the garage, we got her going, and she ran till just before the time to head back to Colombia for Chapter 2 of the South American run.

This was Dick's bike on the infamous 555, the original run...the run that started it all.

After a week of prepping the bike and pulling off the sidehack, we scavanged up some work out of town in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The project is to build a "shed".  This is also a chance for us to get back into the swing of things.  Needing the truck for the work, we loaded up the scoots and were fully prepared to venture off.  There were plans of a road trip up to Pennsylvania to visit Mike's family. 

We are in fact normal guys.  We live simple lives as caprenters, moto mechanic, and canyon guide.  We saved and saved and then headed out into the wild reaches of South America.  So now we're back and have no money.  The work begins anew as we stretch to get ourselves back onto our feet. 

Our friend Cody had a plan for the "shed" which quickly got renamed as the "Laboratory". 
 We needed the truck, because this is the only truck our Cody has.  He runs a handyman service out of this rig.
 He's a clever chap.  He made this chalk board out of mortar and paint on a piece of wood.

 Then it began.

It may be hard to believe, but coffee, boozin, and biking can take its toll.  Starting work with creativity and freestyle felt good.  We custom made the doors.

Experimenting steaming wood to bend for the curved frame of the front door.

It turned out nice.

Time-lapse Video of the LAB