Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What's the worst that could happen?

Inching closer and closer with every concious and unconcious decision to keep life simple, an idea is born of daydreams from time passed and a yearning for adventures unknown.  Life spins and wheelies in chaotically ordered spirals of syncronicities and speed bumps, leaving walls of frustration to those who refuse to turn their sails to the wind that washes over the ridgid.  How much smoother is life when nothing burdens the shoulders that are already laden with the effort of dropping off the constant onslaught of everyday madness.  Stick your nose to the grindstone to get your momentum, but don't forget to look up and lift off.   Efficency, power, and wisdom is uncovered by the whittling of all the unwanted.  Tune your machine, your body and your mind.  Leave room for magic and it will be yours.

Meet the Machines

1974 Honda XL 350
1974 Honda XL 250